BCEM Emerging Leaders Program – Completing 2020 and Launching 2021

One of the many benefits to being part of BCEM is the ability to participate in the Emerging Leaders (EL) Program. Through this program, co-sponsored by Esri and T-Mobile, “up-and-comers” from each BCEM jurisdiction and the sponsors get to learn from leaders in the public and private sectors.    The program culminates in the ELs presenting the results of a nine-month project to the BCEM community.

Congratulations to the Graduates of the BCEM EL 2019-2020 (and into 2021) Program

The EL Program that started with a weeklong visit to Esri HQ in Redlands, CA in the fall of 2019 observed interesting challenges starting in January of 2020. A week at Sprint HQ in early January 2020 was highlighted by incredible speakers, a fun evening of axe throwing, and an ice storm delaying most of the attendees’ returns home.   Several weeks later all of the EL’s went into heavy response and recovery activities for the next nine months – so we paused this EL cohort. Of course, that did not stop us from holding regular virtual check-ins to discuss challenges and successes throughout the crazy year.

Figure 1: 2019-2020 Cohort (Picture taken at Esri HQ in Redlands, CA)
Figure 2: ELs Learning from Laura Goudreau, FEMA Region X, Regional Emergency Communications Coordinator

Finally, in January 2021 the ELs were tasked with developing a presentation for BCEM that focused on what they learned in 2020 and advice for the Directors of each jurisdiction included in BCEM. We graduated this cohort at the conclusion of the presentations on April 16, 2021. Congratulations to all of these amazing emergency managers and thank you for being so flexible and resilient! And, of course, thank you to the loyal sponsors – Esri (Ryan Lanclos) and T-Mobile (Rodney Cooper) – who attended many extra zoom meetings and helped think through the best way to help this cohort graduate.

Figure 3: Virtual Graduation Picture

The BCEM EL 2019-2020 graduating class included:

  • Alicia Woodberry, Boston
  • Khalil Muhammad, Chicago
  • Martin Mercado, Chicago
  • Daniel Kolb, Denver
  • Kelly Auman, Esri
  • Brett Shryock, Harris County, Tx
  • Shelli Carter, Houston
  • Jon Brown, Los Angeles
  • Omari Battles, Los Angeles
  • Yahiritza Alvarez, Miami-Dade
  • Elizabeth O’Donnell, New York City
  • David Natale, Philadelphia
  • Nicola Mammes, Philadelphia
  • Candace Hadley, San Diego
  • Andrea Jorgensen, San Francisco
  • Lucia Schmit, Seattle
  • Nicole Hudnet, T-Mobile
  • Robert Harris, Washington, DC
  • Courtney Bernet, started as Washington, DC and ended as Denver

Feedback from a few of this cohort of Emerging Leaders:

The Big Cities Emergency Managers Emerging Leaders program provided me the opportunity to network with my peers from other jurisdictions, learn about other Big City best practices, and further develop my leadership skills. As a result, this program not only built my confidence as a leader in the emergency management industry, but prepared me for the leadership roles that I would fulfill during the COVID-19 pandemic. I look forward to continuing to implement what I have learned in my current work so that I can offer exceptional support and leadership to my colleagues. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to participate in this prestigious program as well as represent my agency, New York City Emergency Management.”

One of the most beneficial programs for future leaders in Emergency Management, excellent networking capabilities, and leadership classes are top-notch.”

“I want you to know I’ve done similar programs but none have held a candle to this one. It was one of the best experiences in my career so far.” 

2021 EL Program Underway

Thanks to the continued sponsorship by Esri and T-Mobile, BCEM launched the 2021 EL Program cohort in January 2021. This year’s program will be almost entirely virtual up until when the ELs have to present their project results to the BCEM community in the fall of 2021.

Congratulations to those who were nominated by their bosses and accepted into the 2021 Virtual BCEM EL Program.

  • Dan Neubeck, Chicago
  • Destiny Craft, Dallas
  • Amelia Iraheta, Denver
  • Payten Samuels, Esri
  • Jennifer Suter, Harris County, Tx
  • Jared Granberry, Houston
  • Alazandria Cruze, Miami-Dade
  • Jessica Sanchez-Sanabria, New York City
  • Emma Giardina, Philadelphia
  • Dustin Ivers, San Diego
  • Victor Lim, San Francisco
  • Carrie Brazil, Seattle
  • Sarah Tole, T-Mobile
  • Nicole McDermott, Washington, DC

To date there have been four half day virtual sessions for this cohort where the ELs have heard from Esri and T-Mobile leadership, the former FEMA Administrator (Honorable Pete Gaynor), and the Chair of BCEM and Coordinator of Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management in Harris County, Mr. Mark Sloan, and many others.

More to come as we move this cohort forward throughout the year…

Figure 4: March Session with T-Mobile Leadership, David Bezzant (VP Government Operations) and Jacque Lee (Director Industry Segments)

Figure 5: April Session with Mark Sloan (BCEM Chair) and Kelsey Myers (Esri

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